I’m a writer and artist who loves the natural world. Having been torn between river and mountain for many years, I recently made the move from the muddy, marshy Essex countryside to the wilds of Scotland (well, Edinburgh), and am now enjoying finding inspiration in a new landscape.

Pictures and me

I’ve been painting portraits on commission for nine years now, but faces are still my favourite thing to draw – there’s something about the process of getting a picture to look just like someone that is incredibly satisfying. I love painting both people and animals, as I enjoy trying to bring out character in a portrait for both.

I’ve previously worked in-house as an illustrator and as a graphic designer, but I have recently transitioned to working full-time on my freelance creative projects. In addition to my work as a portrait artist, I also work as an illustrator, creating illustrations for business, magazines, and books.

Words and me

My other great love in life is fiction-writing.

I’ve had my first shorter pieces published recently – in the Wildlife Trusts’ Summer anthology (edited by Melissa Harrison), and in the Bath Short Story Award 2016 Anthology – and am currently editing my first novel, which is set in the Suffolk countryside and looks at women and higher education in the 1950s. I’ll be adding more information about this as and when I can.

Seasonal living

Coinciding with my move to Scotland, I’m also trying to think more about living seasonally. I’ve recently been exploring bookbinding and the use of words and images to document and take note of what’s happening in the world around us, which can help encourage both creativity and mindfulness.

Again I’ll update this page with more information when I can!

Contact me

If you’d like to commission a portrait or have any other questions for me, then please just send me an email.

Find me elsewhere online

All of my illustration work can be seen at www.rhiannonbullart.com. You can say hello on Facebook or Instagram, and I’m also listed in the UK Small Business Directory.