I’ve been painting portraits on commission for the past 13 years, and more recently have been experimenting with landscapes.


As with all of my creative work, what drives my interest in portraits is a love of stories. I love to look for the stories written in a person’s face, and believe a painted or drawn portrait can offer something very different to a photograph through the way the artist views the sitter.

A good portrait artist not only captures what the subject looks like, but also conveys the character of the person (or pet!).


My love of the natural world has led to some more recent experiments with painting landscapes. The oil paintings below were part of a series exhibited at an Essex Wildlife Trust visitor centre.


When you first get in touch, I like to learn as much about what you have in mind as possible, either by phone or via email. As well as chatting through what medium and size of artwork you would prefer, I also like to talk about the subject of the painting, who it’s for, and any extra information you’re happy to share. This helps me ensure I bring out exactly what you’re looking for.

I’ll also send you further information on pricing, working from a sitting vs a photograph (for portraits), and how the process works.

For more information, please email me at hello@rhiannonbull.com