I’m a freelance writer and illustrator based in Edinburgh who loves using pictures and words to tell stories.

My love of stories comes from a deep obsession with books that’s spanned my lifetime. There’s nothing I love more than the feel of paper between my fingers, inhaling that new-book smell, and knowing that the pages I hold in my hands are going to let me live a whole new life.

Over time, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with mastering the wizardry behind wordsmithing – learning the magic tricks that turn individual words and sentences into compelling, unputdownable stories.

The way I get my kicks now is from helping others tell their story, whether that’s businesses, brands, or other creative freelancers. After years of in-house experience in marketing and communications, I currently work with a range of clients on copywriting, content marketing, and illustration projects.

You can learn more about my work with portraits, pictures, and prose by taking a look around my website, or send me an email [] to find out more.


When I’m not busy scribbling down a messy doodle or snatched phrase, mostly I’m found foraging near my little house in the hills on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

I’m usually joined by my furry assistant, Eris, a cockapoo puppy with a lot of personality whose name means chaos (or strife).

Yeah, I thought that was funny before she came home, too.

All photos on this page are thanks to Carla Watkins. If you need a photographer, she’s both very talented and very lovely.