About me

I’m an Edinburgh-based writer, painter, and communications specialist who works with individuals, communities, and organisations on projects ranging from communications strategies to community workshops.

All the work I do is underpinned by my love of creativity and the natural world, and I’m currently working on a research project with the University of Edinburgh exploring the ways in which creativity and nature can influence one another, in particular how creative green prescribing can impact on our health, imagination, and communities.

Through both my research and my own experience, I’ve become a strong advocate for the ways in which creative practice and spending time outdoors can help support our mental health and wellbeing, bringing us pleasure and purpose while keeping us grounded. I believe that creativity has the power to make unfamiliar outdoor spaces feel like our own and give us a richer experience of the natural world – and, conversely, that being outdoors can provide us with inspiration and support for our creative work.

These interests are reflected in both my creative practice and my professional experience. Creatively, I’m currently focused on writing projects about the natural world. In a professional context, these interests allow me to bring a complementary suite of skills to the freelance work I take on – whether that’s bringing illustration skills to a communications project, integrating foraging into a community art workshop, or writing accessibly about environmental issues.

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